Abhinand & Bhavna, A Match Made in Heaven!

Abhinand and Bhavan approached us for their shoot and we had a tele conversation just once since they were in US and here we are sharing their wedding pics!

A photographer’s bliss is a loving family, simple crowd, a good chemistry between the love and that is all we got from abhinand and Bhavana’s wedding!

Their wedding events started with a fun filled Sangeeth followed by wedding which took place in a night muhurtham, which is very rare for us!

Abhinand and Bhavana’s love for photography took us a step forward to shoot them! They gave us the special time and attention for the pictures which is really rare when its your big day and your relatives are around everywhere giving you a lot of advices and calling you for pictures and food! Abhinand and Bhavana’s main focus was on the pictures they wanted which they will cherish forever!

Their wedding was more like a family affair! They became family in no time and we felt overwhelmed by the affection and love we got from them!

Here we are, showing you a glimpse of their Sangeeth and wedding!

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