An Authentic Kerala Wedding! Arun & Kavya

It was the month of onam, and we had a wedding shoot at Guruvayur! We were more than excited to shoot Arun and Kavya’s wedding!

Arun and Kavya were one energetic friends and their friends were equally energetic to celebrate their wedding! Kavya and Arun came all the way from Bombay for their traditional wedding!

The shoot started with the Mehandi night! Before heading to the Mehandi we the Vipin Photography team went to ‘Anathavalam’ just to see the elephants and get the essence of Kerala in us! After which we checkin and rushed to the shoot! The hotel we stayed in was beautiful and the lunch we had was just bliss! The proper Kerala sadhya, we made the most of it before going in for the shoot!

The Mehandi shoot was more than what we expected! The venue had beautiful decor and very compact crowd! It was a fun filled event! Just when we thought we were done for the shoot, we realised Mother Nature had different plans for us! It was the raining! We managed to get few clicks with the rain! After a long time I shot a wedding all alone! It had its own pleasure bringing back the memories!

After few hours of sleep, it was the muhurtham! If you are Malayali you will ofcourse know how Kerala weddings happen, if you are not then here is the tiny explanation on how this wedding happened!

So the Bride and the groom were just having a sip of tea with me around 7:08am and they left to the Guruvayur temple! They reached the temple around 7:13am and trust me on this, the wedding was done by 7:16am! So now, how did we get there! First our plan was to walk to the venue but then we decided on taking the car, still thanking our stars for that! If we were late even by a min, we would have definitely missed the main wedding ceremony!

The wedding was followed by the reception and the reception was a simple yet energetic one! The reception lunch was the most delicious Kerala sadhya I had! The onam flavour was just on my taste buds!

After his wonderful experience I had to rush to Cochin to get my next flight to chennai as I had a shoot in chennai that evening!

My authentic Kerala wedding experience was one of the best and I would cherish this essence for lifetime!



7 thoughts on “An Authentic Kerala Wedding! Arun & Kavya

  1. It’s EXQUISITE !! I relived all the moments captured here. Like the wedding the pictures are really pretty. Good job Vipin and thanks for adding life long colors to my besty’s wedding.

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