A Traditional Kongu Bliss


When Dhivyanga and  Raja senthilnathan  approached us regarding their wedding shoot, we were certain that it’s a regular kongu wedding, little did we know that we will be meeting this young and beautiful couple who made us believe that destiny exists in an arranged marriage!

A kongu wedding is a mixture of traditions and rituals which is always a bliss to capture! Dhivyanga and Raja senthilnathan wedding was no less! We enjoyed each and every tradition and ritual and must admit that their perfection of being punctual made us woo for taking more pictures! We were overwhelmed by the love the couple showed us and our team, they valued our presence the most!

The couple’s cousins and friends were ever ready to be captured and trust us on this, the pictures were taken in a 10×10 room and that was the fun part is what we believe!

So, here we are presenting the bliss of a kongu wedding! This was one happy wedding and we couldn’t find a better way to share their happiness and spread their love!



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